Who We Are

DJ Brian

I am the owner of On the Mic Entertainment, but I’m also one of the DJs. Over 10 years ago I started singing karaoke at a local bar. I quickly became friends with the DJ. He went on vacation and I had my opportunity to fill in as the DJ. I FELL IN LOVE! My love for all music, and my need to be in front of people made this the perfect job for me. I get to meet new people ever week and see the joy on their face when they are having a great time is enough for me. I was hooked, and still am to this day!

DJ Donny

With over 1000 jobs under my belt , I've come a long way since I DJ’d my sisters 16th birthday party when I was 13. Even though I have retired from the bar/club scene I found that nothing compares to a wedding. When I set up for a wedding my mission is to handle every aspect of that reception down to the smallest of details. I don't hide behind the mixer like some guys, you'll know I'm in the room. I have one shot to make a bride & grooms day the best and most memorable it can be and THAT is a challenge I welcome any day. See you on the dance floor!

DJ James

Hey guys! I got started a few years ago when my love of music and need for some extra cash collided in a perfect storm. What began as nothing more than helping from time to time as a DJ assistant quickly became an every weekend, full-time, gig. While I am generally a reserved and fairly quite guy, I found that I loved having the opportunity to create a once in a lifetime event that will be remembered forever by a Bride, Groom and their guests. Learning your personality and musical preferences allows me to turn clients into friends and is something I pride myself in. I think my favorite DJ moment is whenever I get a call to do an event because they want “weird indie/alternative/folk” music. Not to mention it’s a nice break from my ‘9-5.’

DJ Adam

I got started as a Karaoke DJ 5 years ago. I progressed from bouncer to DJ almost overnight and it became a passion for me. I have always been into music, across all genres. I am in my third year with On The Mic Entertainment and I LOVE what I do. I work full time and I am in college full time, being a DJ is not a job to me it is a BREAK from my hectic daily life. I pour my heart and soul out there for the Bride and Groom, because I want their day to be special and hassle free!

DJ Sean

Music has always been a big part of my life. I was in choir back in high school and I always enjoyed being under the spotlight. DJ James approached me a few years back about being a wedding DJ and I jumped at the opportunity and started out as a DJ assistant. I knew from the minute I did my first gig that this was something I was going to love and I haven't looked back. I love being all hands on deck with brides and grooms on the biggest day of their lives. From the pre-wedding consultation to the big day I really enjoy being involved in every step. I've met so many great couples and have shared a whole lot of great memories to where it has been such a rewarding experience for me. Being a DJ has been one of my favorite jobs by far and I'm having a blast keeping this party going!

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